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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon - Greg S. Khounganian, M.D.

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Encino, CA

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Dr. Greg Khounganian Testimonials

What Our Patients Have To Say


Dr. K performed a lumbar fusion on me. After 2 years of being in a lot of pain from sciatica down both legs, I am finally free. He and his office are very caring. They made sure I got the care I needed. They made it happen pretty quickly. I really thought that was how I was going to live my life forever. But I was wrong. Here is what I would have wanted to know before hand. The surgery staff was very professional, skilled, and caring. After I woke up, I was in no pain. The only day that was hard was 2 days post op. That one day I had to take some good pain meds. But after that I only took pain meds maybe twice a day for about a week. The pain wasnt terrible. And I knew right away he fixed the problem. My recovery was pretty quick, and without infection. I called Dr. K once with a concern after hours. He called me right back and put me at ease. He treats his patients with respect, and takes the time to answer questions. I recommend seeing him.


I originally went to Dr. Khounganian for a second opinion. I had an L4/5, L5/S1 fusion in 2013 (another surgeon performed this operation) and after being pain free for 2 years, I began experiencing severe back pain (December 2015). The surgeon who performed the surgery recommended refusing L5/S1 due to lack of bone growth. The insurance company did not agree with this recommendation. It was at this point I decided to seek a second opinion. Dr. Khounganian reviewed my medical history, CT scan, MRI and spent quite some time performing an examination. He determined at L3/4 there was an 18mm disc bulge which he believed was causing my pain and not L5/S1, He determined this by where I was having pain and believed the pain was too high in my back for this to be a problem with L5/S1. He recommended L3/4 discectomy which the insurance company agreed with and Dr. Khounganian performed the surgery. I am 1 week post-op and am not experiencing any of the pain prior to surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Khounganian. He and his entire staff exceeded all of my expectations.


I highly recommend Dr. Khounganian for all your back care needs. He performed surgery on me and for the first time in two years I am pain free. The whole experience from the surgery to recovery has been such a manageable breeze. All my questions I had were gladly answered by himself or his staff. Any reservations I had to having back surgery went away.

Teresa Flores

As a Registered Nurse, I have high standards and expectations for patient care. My mother progressively started developing neck, arm and back pain to a point that she was unable to sleep for months and her quality of life was declining due to her unbearable neck pain. Her primary doctor referred my mother to Dr. Khounganian. On her first visit with him all the staff in the office was courteous and Dr. Khounganian spent ample time with my mother going over her problem and medical options to resolve her unbearable neck pain. Dr. Khounganian performed a cervical fusion and decompression of the C4 to C7 and put some metal plates as well. After 2 months of her cervical spine surgery, she finally was able to sleep and her pain improved drastically. We highly recommend Dr. Khounganian; he is an amazing doctor who carefully listens to the needs of his patients, is kind, caring, and have wonderful bedside manners. He really helped my mother to improve her quality of life and helped her regain her independence.

Thank you Dr. Khounganian!

Burst fracture in spine

Dolores Taylor

It was Black Friday and Dolores Taylor was anxious to go shopping, but the garage door on her Nevada vacation home was not cooperating and kept going up and down. So she grabbed a stick with a hook on the end to disengage it manually. Unfortunately, the hook broke loose and sent her tumbling to the ground, resulting in a burst fracture in her spine.

Her daughter drove her to a nearby hospital and after spending eight hours in the waiting room, she got the news they wanted to operate immediately. Not knowing anything about the hospital or the surgeon, she opted for a brace and a ride home to the San Fernando Valley where her primary care physician recommended Greg Khounganian, MD, orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedic surgery
"The fracture in the lumbar spine was causing significant nerve impingement that made her legs weak and her toes numb" said Dr. Khounganian. "She needed to undergo emergent surgery to decompress the nerves and fuse the spine that had become very unstable from the fracture." "He explained to me that it was very important to operate immediately to avoid permanent damage and even paralysis," said Dolores. The next day she was on the operating table and grateful that the intense pain she was in would be relieved.

A Mission Junior College teacher, today Dolores is much improved with full mobility. She even went ziplining in Panama recently! "Dr. K is the best doctor," says Dolores. "I am so thankful I was referred to him. He is sensitive, intuitive, supportive and just takes the time to talk and explain things to you. That is something that you just don't get any more these days."


I can't begin to say how much I love Dr. Khounganian! He is one of the kindest and caring Dr's that I have ever been too. I had a herniated disk and he performed a spinal microdiscectomy and fixed my pain completely. I would highly recommend him and his amazing staff!

Back Pain


I am two months post-op on a L4/5, L5/S1 fusion. Dr. K did an amazing surgery for me. It was a rough few days in the hospital but now I am swimming, walking and enjoying life for the first time in four years. I highly recommend him.


As a family nurse practitioner, I have extremely high standards and expectations for patient care. My father recently became progressively ill due to back pain. I took him to the ER for he was experiencing tremendous amount of pain. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and Dr. Khounganian performed surgery on him the next day due to the severity of his case. A simple "thank you" isn't sufficient to explain our gratitude towards Dr. Khounganian. The care and attention my dad received was far beyond my expectation. I have never seen such a remarkable physician and team members. Once again, thank you Dr. Khounganian for an outstanding job. My father started walking just a few days after the surgery and we are very grateful for his fast recovery. Our experience from start to finish was extraordinarily positive! I would return to the facility for any and all future medical care and refer him to everyone.

Thank you Dr. Khounganian!

Back Pain

Robby Halaby

Robby Halaby is a mechanical engineer in the manufacturing business. He is on his feet a lot and travels often. But a lower back problem made walking a challenge, forcing him to cut back on travel, something that affected his job. Robby had seen several doctors about his back and each sent him to physical therapy which provided temporary relief until the pain returned with a vengeance.

A workmate of his spoke highly of Greg Khounganian, MD, an orthopedic spine surgeon who had performed successful surgery on his neck. "I was scared and desperate," said Robby, "but had to do something because after five minutes of standing my legs would get numb and I would lose by balance."

A visit to Dr. Khounganian and a review of X-rays showed severe pinching of the nerves in Robby's lower back. "Dr. Khounganian pinpointed the problem in no time and told me exactly what was wrong with it and how to take care of it, and it required surgery," said Robby. "I was still very scared about the surgery, so I went to the chiropractor to see what he would do for me while I waited for approval on the surgery from my insurance company. I thought maybe he could move it to get it fixed. The chiropractor helped for about 15 minutes and then my back went back to the way it was."

Not able to live with the pain any more, Robby finally had his surgery and was out of the hospital 24 hours later. Today Robby is pain free and back to work and travel after only three weeks after his surgery. He raves about the care he received. "The service was excellent - beyond my expectations. I think the doctor is amazing. I told him in the office that before the surgery I felt I was in hell. Now I'm in heaven. I wish I would have met this doctor way back. I wouldn't have had to go through all the suffering of going to see so many doctors and so many physical therapists, only to get worse."

Robby's family is thrilled about his successful outcome. His wife Hadia said, "He was so bad that he couldn't walk more than a few steps before having to sit down. We would go to the mall and he would drop me and the kids off and then just sit outside and wait. Now I have my husband back and my kids have their Dad back. It's so nice."


I recently had an appointment with Dr. khounganian after seeing a slew of other orthopedics who seemed unhelpful and provided me with no options to help my back. He came highly recommended to me from a client who he had operated on the previous month and is now doing incredible. Because I am an athlete and lead a very active lifestyle, it was refreshing to meet a doctor who didn't tell me to stop working out and rest my back. I'll skip over all the medical bable and say I highly recommend him to everyone, especially athletes. His front office could not of been any nicer and went out of their way to help me with insurance paperwork. I give him 10 stars!!!


I saw Dr. Khounganian last week. From the moment I entered the office I was treated well. The office staff welcomed me right away and had me in the room within minutes. The Dr was attentive and extremely thorough. He spent ample time with me going over all of my options for my back. I highly recommend him for any type of back issues. He didn't feel that I needed surgery but if I did he would be the one that would do it. He is an expert in his field and I felt I was in great hands. I had previously visited other orthopedists for my condition and he definitely set him himself apart. I thought the office staff was extremely helpful.


Dr. Khounganian is an outstanding doctor. I had been experiencing extreme back pain and called his office. His staff was able to schedule an appointment with me within a few days and also managed to get an MRI quickly. Dr. Khounganian took the time to show me my MRI and explain the results. I tend to ask a million questions but he never made me feel like I was monopolizing his time. He never made me feel like I was being rushed and answered every question that I had. I have been to dozens of doctors over the years and he has the best bed side manner hands down. Dr. Khounganian is one of the few doctors that I have encountered that still seems to have compassion for his patients and I have sent everyone that I know that has had back problems or needed surgery to him. He is simply the best.


Dr. Khounganian is one of the best Spine Surgeons out there! He took his time to listen to my questions and concerns. He was also very knowledgeable about my condition and his treatment plan. One of the best spine surgeon's I know!!


Had surgery with Dr K. The surgery was very successful and relieved 100% of my pain. Before my surgery he answered all my questions.

Weeks before my surgery my dad and I still had a few concerns and he took the time to talk with my father and I over a three way call because my father lives in NY.

I would definitely recommend him for any spine issues you may have.


EXTRAORDINARY is the first word that comes to mind when describing Dr. Greg Khounganian, or Dr. K for short. Dr. K is not only an outstanding surgeon but he is a great guy as well. He really cares for his patients and takes the time and energy to really get to know them and properly diagnose and treat their pain. I have been seeing Dr. K for about three years now and he has made some significant recommendations which have helped alleviate pain in my back and legs. I would, without a doubt, recommend Dr. K to anyone looking for an EXTRAORDINARY spine surgeon!!!!


I have worked in the operating room as a nurse for almost 20 years now and have worked with Dr. Khounganian for the last 5 and can say that he is one of the best spine surgeon that I have ever worked with. His technique is flawless and his attention to detail speaks volumes as to the type of physician he is. He also has one of the best bedside manners that I have seen a surgeon possess. I have seen him as a patient as well, and he never made me feel rushed in the office or silly for asking questions. I give him my highest praise and would let him operate on me or my own any day.


Overall great experience. The doctor and staff were very helpful and nice. Felt like he really cared about me and he answered all of my questions.


Dr. K is truly a patient-focused physician and while many doctors would describe themselves as such, the reality is that is just not the case. His mild mannered approach exudes confidence and his credentials only reinforce it; but what truly sets him apart is his genuine concern and empathy for the patient and their family's needs.

I have fortunately never needed his expertise, but two people very close to me have greatly benefited from his care. Thanks, and needless to say I highly recommend Dr. Khounganian and the staff at GSK Spine to anyone who needs a patient-centered plan of care.


If you are looking for a great orthopedic surgeon in the SFV. Dr. K is the guy to see. Dr. K has great bedside manner and knows his stuff. He is one of the few doctors I'd trust my spine to!


Dr. Khounganian is an outstanding physician. Besides his expertise in spinal surgeries his bedside manner is impeccable. He exhibits a level of attention that comes natural for him and will spend an inordinate amount of time with you just to ensure you are completely comfortable. I have the absolute faith and confidence in his abilities. My father needed spinal surgery and I only entrusted Dr. Khounganian.