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Regenerative Therapy with Stem Cells and PRP

Dr. Greg Khounganian, Spine Surgeon May 5, 2021

Back pain and pain in the spine are incredibly common. Frequently caused by disc degeneration, (also referred to as disc disease or degenerative disc disease), this painful, chronic condition can affect people of all ages, although it is more common in older adults. For many years, oral medications, and/or back or neck surgery were the standard treatment. However, there is a growing body of evidence pointing to the benefits of regenerative therapy with stem cells and PRP injections.

Spine Specialist Dr. Greg Khounganian provides both stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma as an alternative to medication for appropriate patients. The reason? Stem cell injections and PRP injections offer something that medication doesn’t: regenerative therapy. Here is a look at how your own body’s stem cells and plasma can help expedite healing, and even regenerate (grow) healthy cells, discs, and cartilage.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for Disc Pain, Arthritis and Disc Disease

Through a process known as differentiation, stem cells which are harvested from your own body can develop into healthy new cells. During this process, these cells become incredibly specialized, transforming into a powerful repairing system. Once these stem cells are injected into your painful joints, they can get to work helping to regenerate destroyed and damaged cells and cartilage, leading to relief from pain.

Likewise, for people suffering from degenerative disc disease, stem cell therapy may provide renewed hope. Pain related to wear and tear of the inter-vertebral discs in your spine is known as discogenic pain. Discogenic pain may respond well to the injection of stem cells, as they can help to repair brittle discs, while calming inflammation, thereby reducing pain.

If you’re dealing with disc pain, arthritis of the spine, or disc disease, ask Dr. Greg Khounganian if you’re a candidate for regenerative stem cell therapy.

Regenerative Therapy: PRP for Back Pain, Joint Pain

Like stem cell therapy, PRP uses the incredible healing powers of your own body to alleviate disc (back) pain, and joint pain. PRP has been used for years to treat muscle and joint injuries sustained by professional athletes. It is now becoming an increasingly popular alternative to medication or surgery to treat back pain and disc pain, particularly in the lumbar spine.

Platelet rich plasma is also pulled from your own body. After your blood is drawn, it is put into a specialized centrifuge, where the blood is separated. During this process, the plasma, which is rich with platelets and growth factors is separated out. This growth factor rich plasma is then injected into the degenerated (damaged) disc, where the growth factors expedite healing of the disc from within.

Many studies have found PRP to be effective in treating discogenic pain, including degenerative disc disease and other musculoskeletal disorders. Even better, PRP injections have no side effects, and have been may be a safe, effective, feasible alternative to medication and/or surgery in some patients.

To learn if PRP injections may help ease your back pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Greg Khounganian today.

Regenerative Therapy for Disc Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis, Disc Disease in Los Angeles

Dr. Greg Khounganian is a Board-Certified Spine Specialist in Los Angeles. Wherever possible, Dr. Khounganian avoids surgery to treat spine conditions. Regenerative therapy with stem cells and PRP is a promising new treatment for back pain caused by disc disease and arthritis, that Dr. Khounganian offers for appropriate candidates.

To learn more about regenerative therapy for disc pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Greg Khounganian by calling 818-343-4430.